Aria Schipperkes

Breeding for Health, Disposition, and Quality

Jet and Reese cooling off on a hot day.
   Shadow lives in Canada and is the litter brother to our Jet.
Pickels turns 3 - Happy Birthday! 
Pickels, Shadow (above), and Jet are all litter bros.
Merry Christmas Bob!
Figaro is Santa's Lil Helper  
Lola (left) is all grown up, with her best buddy Sammy, Vancouver BC  
Living the Life of Riley 'Riley'  
Riley, 'Living the Life' - Bowen Island, BC
Glorious Grace
Grace is now residing in Anchorage Alaska.

Jagger and his favorite toy.
Raleigh having fun on Crystal Mtn.
Roxie and Aretha
Roxie and her best friend Aretha walking in Discovery Park.

Happy Boy - Syd doing the patticake.
Mick just being Mick
My precious Mick, love you boy.
Glo and her puppy Rowdy
Glo and her puppy Rowdy.  Dad is Mick, pictured above.

Sweet Little Eva - Bozeman Montana
Meet Bob
Simon is growing up and wow is he beautiful.
Lola - it doesn't come much cuter than this little darling.